The Industrial-Chic Wedding Guide

Ever heard of finding beauty in unlikely places? How about in an old warehouse or factory! These days people are all about re-purposing: taking the old and worn, and turning it into something usable and beautiful. Converted factory spaces are all the rage – and so is the urban industrial wedding craze. We have the how-to guide for your Industrial-Chic Wedding!

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Choose Your Space Wisely

When you go shopping for your industrial wedding venue, think bright, open spaces. A blank slate allows you to run with your creative side, and transform the space into your dream wedding venue. Now we don’t mean look for a recently foreclosed industrial space…..but go for a place that has basically the bare bones.

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Factories, or converted warehouse make the perfect industrial wedding venues because of the exposed ceiling beams and lighting. Not to mention, these venues are the perfect size to host a big party!

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Make sure the town surrounding your venue is as cool as the venue itself! A city will be the perfect place to host your industrial-chic wedding, so you can have the after party on the town. Check out Loft 433 located in Downtown Troy, NY – Mazzone’s newest venue!

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Loft 433 is located in a converted shirt factory. The space maintains an industrial vibe, with original masonry walls and lofty ceilings. Complemented with elegant touches like crystal chandeliers and floor to ceiling windows.

Rooftop access is another majorly important asset to shop for in your industrial venue. Your guests will be wowed as they’re welcomed to have a cocktail on the roof. Loft 433 has an outdoor rooftop space that provides one-of-a-kind skyline views of the Hudson River. Just another perfect photo-op for you and your guests!

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String lights, Chandeliers, Candles, Oh My!

Illuminate the space with lots and lots of lights. The warmth from the light will be a stark balance to the unrefined walls of your industrial venue.

Chandeliers are a statement piece. If your venue has their act together, they should have a big beautiful chandelier, in a place of honor to light up the space.

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Edison light bulbs strung across the ceiling add character, and a warm glow to give you that classic industrial look and feel.

Get Creative

This is the time to get creative and re-purpose. Decorate your tables with empty wine bottles, use hanging planters as your centerpieces, incorporate gold tones and metallics…..whatever you please!

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Rustic beautifully complements industrial when you bring in worn and weathered pieces to use functionally, or just for decoration. If you come across an old antique that’s out of commission, slap it on your dessert table, add some flowers and……..Voila! Decor. Really anything goes for the industrial-chic vibe.

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A Touch of Green

Florals put the chic in industrial-chic; making them an essential part of your decor. We love colors, and we are definitely here for it…..but feel free to tone it down a bit and opt for plain greenery. This is a trend we’ve seen many couples abiding to since 2018!

You don’t want to overwhelm the space with too much color, because the venue and light fixtures are already a sight to see. Not to mention, less flowers = less money to dish on decor! Think lush green table runners, moss walls, and draping vines. Florals are always welcome, but we recommend sticking to neutral colors.

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The Food

With a venue as unique as your industrial paradise, your guests are going to be expecting some out of this world food! Not only does incredible taste matter, but presentation and trendiness will too.

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Loft 433 uses only the best ingredients for our guests. Almost all our food is locally sourced, and always farm fresh! We understand chic and trendy foods – the latest food trend we’re following is global street eats and trendy late night nosh stations. Food that looks as good as it tastes is all the rage! Give the people what they want – food good enough for the gram.

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Mix the old with the new (and chic) and you’ll get a stunningly romantic backdrop for your Industrial vibe wedding! Check out Loft 433 to book your 2020 wedding now. We promise we’ll make your industrial-chic dreams come to life!

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