Mastering the Backyard Wedding

Its finally summertime, and that means it’s outdoor wedding season! There are so many perks to a backyard wedding, the first being no commute on your big day! That aside, you won’t ever have to worry about your venue being booked for your date, and you can pretty much make up your own rules.

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Oh also….your furry friends are totally invited to the party!

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We all love a good backyard wedding……but there’s still a lot more prep to do than just inviting everyone to your house for the day. Here is your how-to guide for mastering the backyard wedding.

First Things First

Get the boring (but important) stuff out of the way first. Check with your town to see if there are any permits you need to obtain before hosting a large backyard party. This could be anything from noise, to parking permits. Keep your wedding planner in the loop in case there are any permits your vendors need to sign too.

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Next as a courtesy to your neighbors, and yourself, give your neighbors a fair warning of the date and time your backyard celebration will be taking place. This will give your neighbors time to plan ahead for the noise and parking on their street. This will also eliminate any complaints that may arise from unhappy neighbors on the day of your wedding.

Prepare For Weather

Like any outdoor venue, your backyard wedding runs the risk of rain. There’s no reason to dread this in the weeks before your wedding, just make sure you have a plan B!

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This could mean moving the party indoors, or renting a tent. Put a tent on hold weeks ahead of time as a preventative measure for weather. Or just eliminate any wild cards and plan for a backyard tent wedding! Tent rentals make beautiful stand in venues when decorated with a keen eye. They’ll also save you from sweating off all your makeup directly under the hot sun.

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Watch the Clock

If the ceremony and reception are both being held in your backyard, plan accordingly so there is limited downtime in between for your guests. You don’t want them waiting around while you take photos, so consider doing photos before the ceremony, or having games or entertainment set up to occupy their time.

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You will also need to be mindful of the end time for your party. Don’t forget you do have neighbors, so be considerate and don’t keep them awake all hours of the night. If you want to keep the party going all night, invite your guests to an after party at the bars!

Decorate To the Nines

Check with your caterer, or wedding planner to see what decor they can hook you up with. If you can avoid separately renting your tables, chairs and linens that’s a win for you!

Like I said before, you make up your own rules for a backyard wedding, so anything goes for decor! If you like a natural look, play off the colors that already exist in your backyard – or add a POP of color for a bolder look! A backyard wedding is the perfect place to use a moss wall to hang seating cards or family photos.

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Anything imaginable (within reason) you can bring to life at your wedding. Saving on your venue allows you more room to spend on your decor!

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Amazing food is a big part of making sure your backyard wedding goes off without a hitch! American barbeque style food is an absolute classic, and perfect for a backyard party. A BBQ will give you a casual feel, but with really…REALLY good food.

But you aren’t limited to just BBQ for your choices. If you have a taste for the finer things in life, work with your caterer to come up with an out of this world, exquisite menu to wow your guests! Maybe sushi and seafood is more your speed, or a even a luau style pig roast. The sky is the limit for your backyard wedding.

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Don’t forget about cake after dinner! Hopefully your guests won’t be too stuffed to enjoy a sweet treat after the feast is done.

Fun cocktails, or mocktails, are another crowd pleaser for your backyard wedding. Surprise your guests with some fruity mason jar cocktails, or a tequila margarita for a summery feel.

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An eye catching refreshment station is always a bonus addition to cocktail hour.

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DO NOT forget about the late night nosh station, no matter where your wedding takes place, a late night snack is always appreciated by your guests.

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Backyard weddings have the potential to be as grand, or as casual as you please. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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