Your First Father’s Day as a Married Couple

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You just married the love of your life, but there is another man who has and will always hold a place in your heart….your dad! The man who helped raise you, worked on your science homework with you and picked you up while you were down. Simply said, your biggest supporter. So when Father’s Day rolls around, we understand wanting to shower your father (or father figure) with gratitude but marriage introduces another dad into your life. You are now faced with somehow splitting the Holiday between your dad and your father-in-law. We’re here to help you navigate your way through this adjustment!

First thing is first… talk to your partner prior to making any plans. This is super important, maybe your partner isn’t close with their father, maybe both dad’s live far apart from each other.

Splitting the Day

If your families live close enough, splitting the day between both fathers may be your simple solution. Brunch and a round of golf with dad and a backyard BBQ with your father-in-law. The possibilities for your plans are endless, as long as both dads feel appreciated, you’re doing great!

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Make it a Weekend

Maybe splitting the day and rushing from one event to the other will be too overwhelming, so make Father’s Day 2 days. Celebrate with your dad Saturday and your father-in-law Sunday or vice versa. Thus having a more personalized, stress free day with equal amounts of quality time.

Celebrate All Together!

Combine both families for one big joint celebration. *Only do this if you either know or are confident that both dads will get along, and neither will feel offended. The holiday is about showing some extra love and appreciation so avoiding hurt feelings or awkward conversations is a top priority for this option.

The Mazzone team can help make celebrating together a more stress free event, we have a Father’s Day menu available for pick up or delivery. Check out the menu or order online by clicking here

Every married couple is different, you and your partner will know the best situation for your family. So no matter the choice you make to celebrate dad, make sure communication is open and that everyone feels loved and included.

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