Easter as a Married Couple

For some couples, their first married Easter is exactly like it was when they were dating. Other couples totally change the way they celebrate this holiday–for example, splitting the celebration between two families for the first time.

With Easter quickly approaching we have a few pieces of advice to help ensure your first Easter as a newlywed couple is memorable and stress free!

Communication is key, in all parts of a relationship, especially when your figuring things out for the holidays. Talk to your spouse about things like where you want to spend the Holiday, what food options should be on the table for dinner, and work out a plan that accommodates both of your expectations. This way you can decide to have both ham and lamb for Easter dinner or to split your holiday between both your families.

If you happen to decide to have both families over to your home, we understand that it’s very stressful to cook for numerous amounts of people. We all want to have our holiday go without an issue. Let our family help yours.

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Don’t forget to discuss your traditions so that you can decide which ones you are going to keep and which ones you are going to do away with. For example, you can decide not to do an Easter egg hunt, Easter Baskets or dying eggs, if neither of you is all that invested in the tradition. While your at it, take some time to come up with a brand new tradition!

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