Fresh to Fork, Eating Local

Ever stop to think where your food came from? What made that last meal more delicious? The answer could be it was locally sourced! Farm to table foods have increased in popularity in recent years for a multitude of different reasons, ranging from health and environmental benefits to overall food quality and taste. Sourcing food from your local areas gets the produce to you faster and that means FRESHER.

Farm fresh foods eliminate the need to transport over long distances thus creating less pollution. Bringing the farm closer to the plate, gives the consumer more knowledge about where the food is sourced and how!

Given the amount of widespread food recalls from questionable farming practices, there is a piece of mind knowing where your food is coming from, and that it will be the quality expected when it gets to your kitchen.

The culinary team at Mazzone Hospitality focuses on healthy, sustainable, and eco friendly food sourcing as much as possible. Gathering the freshest ingredients possible to create delectable meals each day for weddings and other events, regardless of how large the guest list may be. Some of the incredible local farms used are Yonder Fruit Farms, Juliano Farms and Shauls Farm. The list goes on!

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