How to Plan a Wedding in 6 Months

Congratulations you just got engaged…..and you want to have your wedding in 6 months! Some may veer away from planning on a short timeline, but not you; you’re up for the challenge. We have some expert tips broken down month by month to make planning go off without a hitch!

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6 Months Until Your Wedding

The Basics
When you’re working with a short timeline, you have to make decisions quickly. No need to worry though, this can be a good thing – it leaves less time to second guess your choices. Start by picking your date, setting your budget and figuring out your guest list. These three tasks are the foundation of wedding planning; once these are set, the fun will soon begin!

The Planner
Next is hiring a wedding planner – we suggest this for any bride, but especially for those who are working with a short timeline. Your planner will be able to quickly connect with vendors and help achieve your wedding goals. Planning your wedding shouldn’t be all stress – hire someone to take the weight off your shoulders so you can enjoy your engagement while it lasts!

Venue & Vendors
Your wedding date is not set until you’ve booked your venue. Most venues book a year or more in advance, so considering nontraditional wedding days like Friday or Sunday may be in your favor. You may even be able to find exclusive deals if your venue is still trying to fill up its events calendar! If your venue doesn’t have on-site catering, now would be the time to book your caterer as well. The same goes for all vendors, the sooner you book them the better. Contact your photographers, florists, DJ’s and more… want to have options so don’t wait on this!

Once your venue and vendors are booked feel free to send out your save-the-dates, you need to give your guests a fair notice as well.

The Dress
If you’re dreaming of a custom made wedding dress, this is something you need to get on right now! Custom dresses are usually ordered six months or more in advance, but it can still be done on shorter notice (just know that it’ll come with a larger price tag). If custom is something you can do without, check out bridal shops, salon sales and rentals for more affordable options. Schedule your fitting close to the wedding date, but tell them your wedding date is two weeks prior to the actual date so there’s no stress about not having your dress ready in time.

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5 Months

The Wedding Party
Let the partying begin because it is time to select your wedding party. Ask your besties to stand by your side on your big day, and do it fast! The sooner you ask, the more time they’ll have to plan your wedding shower and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Don’t forget to ask your venue if they offer any discounts for pre-wedding parties. While you’re at it, this is the time to get your wedding party attire set up. There’s no time like the present!

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The Registry
Just because your wedding is shorter notice, doesn’t mean you need to give your guests short notice about the presents! Go to a store and register or do it online; either way, start setting up your registry or wedding website so your guests can get their shopping done.

4 Months

Additional Vendors

Your look needs to be on point for your big day, so now is the time to start finding your perfect glam team. Book your hair and makeup stylists now; do some shopping around to be sure you’re getting the best. Test out your style with the glam team you want to book to be sure they can make your vision come to life. Also, don’t forget about getting your transportation booked; who cares about glam if you don’t even have a ride to the venue!

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Wedding Bands

Your wedding ring is the piece of jewelry you’ll wear every day for the rest of your lives, make sure you fall in love with them before buying! Start at the jewelry store where your fiance got your engagement ring, and do some shopping if you don’t find something you love there. Picking the perfect rings takes time, so does making the rings, engraving, and shipping – so it’s important to get this done early. Otherwise, you won’t be able to put a ring on it when your big day comes!

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3 Months

Party Favors
Whether your party favors are sweets, treats or memos to keep; settle on your favors now. Deciding this early on gives you time to be creative and make your purchases.

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The Honeymoon
Time to plan the best vacation of your life! Are you going on a sweet escape to an all inclusive tropical resort, skiing at a cozy mountain resort, or backpacking in Europe? Book as early as possible to get the best deals, and tell your work so you can have the time off you deserve. Some couples set up a honeymoon fund for guests to contribute to; an all-expense paid vacay sounds like the perfect gift to me!

The Tastings
Time for delicious fun! Set up a meeting with your venue or caterer and put your mouth to work. Your hair, makeup, and outfit will all be on point, so your food needs to be too. Three months out is the latest your tasting should be scheduled; you need time to make sure you create the perfect menu for you and your guests. Your venue or caterer may offer private or group tastings, check with them to see what they are offering at the time. The tasting is one of the more delicious wedding tasks, so grab your fiance and taste lots of samples!

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2 Months

Pick Your Song List
You and your fiance should put your heads together and come up with the do and the do not play song lists for your day. From the processional, to the first dance and the party songs; work with your band or DJ to come up with the perfect playlist.

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The Invites
Time to send out the invites and solidify the guest list. Make sure to set an RSVP deadline for two or three weeks in advance of the wedding. While you’re at it, start writing your thank you notes – you’ve probably already gotten a bunch of great wedding gifts. Don’t put these off, you’ll thank yourself later for not letting these stack up!

The Gifts
If you’re getting gifts as a thank you to your bridal party and parents, put some thought into it! You want these gifts to be personal and thoughtful, so give yourself plenty of time to shop.

1 Month

The Final Touches

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You can officially begin the final countdown! In one month you’ll finally be married. You should use this time to make sure all your ducks are in a row. Try on your dress, get your marriage license and pick up your rings. Speak with your vendors to confirm times and deliveries, and give your venue or caterer the final guest count and meal selections. You should have no stress leading up to the wedding so enjoy this time. Happily ever after is just around the corner!

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