Summer Cocktails

A great thing to do for your wedding (or bridal shower) is to create a signature cocktail, and what better season than summer to create a bright and refreshing drink for your guests!

outdoor cocktail display

There are so many interesting and innovative liqueurs and mixers out there, the ideas are endless. Think champagne, rosé wine, fresh fruit and citrus flavors as the main components, and build from there.

Champagne and fruit is a classic pairing (like on our Champagne Greeting Stations), especially when using fresh, seasonal berries.

greeting station (1)

If you are hosting a post wedding brunch or bridal shower, try topping champagne with fresh fruit puree. Think peach or raspberry bellinis.

For a cool twist, try a scoop of sorbet (or popsicles).


Consider muddling some fresh herbs to brighten up your drinks.  Ginger, mint, rosemary are all perfect summer flavors that pair beautifully with citrus and fruit.

lemonade cocktail

Lemonade acts as a perfect summertime mixer. You could even make your own version of a summer shandy using locally brewed beer.

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