Farm Fresh to Fork: Wedding Style

This past weekend Mazzone Catering traveled down to The Berkshires, specifically Hillsdale, NY, to cater a wedding for a fellow foodie and her fiance. Marti Wolfson had a unique vision when it came to how and what she wanted to be served on her special day and she entrusted Mazzone Catering to get the job done.

Due to the number of local farms in the Hillsdale area at Marti’s disposal, she wanted her food theme to be a “farmer’s market’ type wedding with all her food grown right there, making it as fresh and as organic as you could possibly get. Throughout this process Marti acted as a middleman between the farms that provided the fresh food and Mazzone Catering, especially, Mark Delos, the head chef, who the bride credits as “…the most wonderful man to work with.”

Marti’s ultimate goal was for everyone who was at the wedding to sit together not only to celebrate the marriage between her and her new husband, but to bond over the fresh, and especially delicious, food in front of them.

Marti Wolfson knows what she’s talking about when it comes to organic and fresh food as she has an extensive background in culinary nutrition and lifestyle education. You can read more about her wedding and her farm fresh vision in her recent blog post linked below:


Special Thanks To: 

Photographer – Jesse Turnquist

Hawthorne Valley

Morningstar Farms

The Berry Farm

Ronny Brook Farm

Chatham Farm

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