5 Signs You’re Too Stressed Over Wedding Planning


1. You’re using your lunch hour to run wedding errands… instead of eating

Skipping meals is bad news for your mood– and more important, your wedding fitness plan! It can lead to exaggerated emotions, amped-up stress and an overall dark cloud over your head. Making a habit of planning instead of lunching is a lose-loose. Set a limit on how often you can swap your salad for a wedding task.

2. Your fiance starts joking (or maybe not joking) about eloping.

If your fiance is less involved in the planning process than you are, he probably decided to lie low about the wedding…until it got really bad. Sometimes it takes a reality check from someone else to know it’s time to put the brakes on wedding worries — even if it’s something you don’t want to hear. 

3. You start questioning all of your decisions that have already been made.

You know you’re overthinking things when you start wanting to trash all your original plans for New! Better! Ideas! Worrying that you made the wrong call about your reception venue, which florist to hire or how much to spend on photography will only feed your stress even more, making for a never-ending cycle of fear. So if doubts start creeping in, let up on planning for a week or two. When you come back with a fresher mind, you’ll have a better idea of which doubts were truly valid and which ones were just a product of your anxiety.

4. You procrastinate on the tasks that really need to get done.

It’s not how you normally picture a bridezilla — ignoring her checklist and putting off to-dos — but if you’re finding yourself neglecting wedding planning tasks, you probably don’t even realize how overwhelmed you are. If your wedding date is looming and the list looks impossible to tackle, start with something fun and easy, like a cake tasting or shopping for your wedding shoes, to get back into the swing of things. Having a few small items checked off will make the rest seem more doable.

5. It stops being fun.

It all comes down to this: If you’re focusing more on the negative (like the number of guests who RSVPed “no”) than the positive (like the fact that you’ll be married at the end of all of this!), something needs to change. Come up with a mantra that will help you concentrate on the bright side. 

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