Tips: Wedding Stationary

Wedding invitations and stationary are a huge part of this special day, they are the first peek at your wedding!

Tips to ensure your wedding invitations seal the deal:

1. Define Your Wedding Style

The invitations is your guests sneak peek of your wedding day. It’s important to list the location and time of day on your invitation. Wedding invitations also speak the style of your wedding, whether you are going for a glamorous and modern or elegant and classic.

2. Know Your Colors

During the planning process, choosing your colors for your special day is super important. Keep the theme consistent, incorporate your colors into your wedding invitations.

3. Start Early

Your save the dates should go out six to eight months before your special day. Depending on how detailed your invitations are, they can take up to a couple weeks.

4. Count Your Households

You don’t necessarily need an invitation for every single guest.  Take a look at how many guests are in the same household, to eliminate sending multiple invitations. Even if you have guests who don’t live in the same household, send it to one of them and include their dates name.

5. Personalize it

Make your wedding invitations personal, include your new monogram to spice up the invitation!

6. Don’t Forget to Stamp it

Make sure to include envelops and stamps for your guests to mail back their replies. This will eliminate guests having to pay for the postage.

Happy Planning!


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