Hot Trend: Unplugged Ceremonies

What if you attended your next wedding ceremony and you needed to hand in your smartphone, or were forced to turn off your phone completely at the door…? Would you experience minor anxiety?!  What will you do without that picture of the bride walking down the aisle with her father..or better yet, what will you do without that perfect view you have to snap the couples first kiss?!   I know that in today’s world, most people might feel a little separation anxiety from their phone during that one hour.   Although you might feel some anxiety, there are people in the room who would thank you, which would be the couple paying a photographer the capture the priceless photos during the day, the photographer who is under the pressure to take the best pictures they possibly can for their client, and maybe even sparing that person sitting next to you while your phone vibrated during the entire ceremony.

Our friends over at Saratoga Bridal News blogged about this upcoming trend of “unplugged” ceremonies, where all guests turn off all electronics as they enter into the ceremony.  People should live in the moment in person, not just be focusing on the moment through a smartphone screen!  They even had an exclusive interview with one of our fabulous preferred photographers, Jeff Foley, on his thoughts about this upcoming trend!

So next time you arrive for your friend’s ceremony, put the instagram and snapchat away for the next hour…it can wait for the party afterwards!

To view their blog on “unplugged” ceremonies, follow this link!



Photo Credit: Jodi Miller Photography


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