Fun Finds: Sentimental Wedding Ideas

As if the wedding day isn’t emotional enough, Huffington Post recently published an article featuring “additional sentimental ideas to include on your wedding.”  See my favorite ideas listed below!

 Mother’s Wedding Dress:

Resurrect your mother’s wedding dress! Feature fabric from her wedding dress around the bouquet of your flowers. Other ideas include customizing a necklace, garter, or stitching a piece of her wedding dress inside yours!

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Photo Opportunities:

Generally, couples will make a list of photos they would like taken on the day of their wedding.  Here are a few you should add to the professional photographer’s list.

Parents of the Bride & Parents of the Groom:

Print pictures of both sets of parents on their wedding day! Frame the photo and have your wedding photographer take a picture of the  couple holding the photos!  The framed photographs of your parents wedding day can later be used for reception decor on the gift table, escort table, or cake table! Later, the professional photograph can be used as  a gift on your parent’s wedding anniversary!

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Do you have a favorite photo from your parent’s wedding? Be sure to re-create a modern version on your wedding day!

Parents 2

(Photo Credit: Lemon Lime Photography)

Wedding Dress Photograph:

Have your photographer take a picture of your dress at an angle. Behind the dress should be a picture of your mother on her wedding day!

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Flower Girl


Take a picture of you and your flower girl getting ready. Be sure to give her the photo on her wedding day!

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Be sure to include personalized sentimental touche.  Below are my FAVORITE ideas!

Pass the tissues please…Embroider handkerchiefs with a personal message for your parents and future in-laws!


(Photo Credit: Huffington

After you get engaged, write your fiancé a letter expressing your excitement and anticipation to be married then put it in a bottle. On your wedding day have the letter delivered to your fiancé before the ceremony!


(Photo Credit: Huffington

I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH! State all the things you love about one another! Have a graphic designer type & frame. The frames can be propped on easels for additional reception décor. Later use the frames as a décor piece in your home!


(Photo Credit: Huffington

Place the lyrics to your wedding song on tiers of your wedding cake!


(Photo Credit: Huffington

THANK YOU! Creatively say thank you to each guest who came to celebrate with you! Have personalized thank you cards made and set at each place setting. It will be the first thing guests see when they have been seated!

thank u

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