Ways to Dessert: Cupcakes!

Thinking of something less traditional than a wedding cake? Well, cupcakes are the new excitement behind the common wedding cake.  Cupcakes are chic, trendy, & add a sweet touch to your dessert table.

If you are considering a “cupcake” wedding cake here are a few steps to follow:

1. How many guests are attending your wedding?

a. How many cupcakes would you like each guest to have?

b. Will you have a small 10” round cake to cut for formality purposes?

The Knot..

(Photo Credit: The Knot)

2. What with the design be?

a. Will you include your wedding colors?

b. Will you prepare something more intricate?


(Photo Credit: Weddings by Lilly)

3. What flavors, fillings, & frosting have decided to include?

a. Will all flavors & filling choices be the same? Or will have a variety?

b. Will you have only predominant color frosting or do you prefer two?

one towed

(Photo Credit: One to Wed)

4.Will you display your cupcakes on a stand?

The Knot..

(Photo Credit: The Knot)

5. Provide to Go Boxes for your guests to take cupcakes home!

Bliss Weddings

(Photo Credit: Bliss Weddings Market)

See below for some cool wedding cupcake ideas:

Mr & Mrs


The Pastry Studio

(Photo Credit: The Pastry Studio)

Rustic Wedding Chic

(Rustic Wedding Chic.com)

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