Fun Find: Flower Preservation

I can remember when my sister got married and she wanted to preserve her bouquet, tying it and trying to hang it upside down so the flowers would dry well.  This is a much easier idea that I wish I had known about, Freeze drying your bouquet!

This company, Mountain View Freeze Dry is based out of New Hampshire.  The idea is that you make a reservation ahead of your wedding and then once your wedding is over, overnight your bouquet/boutonniere, etc. to them for them to preserve forever.  Pricing varies by the presentation that you chose from glass domes to full shadowboxes.   Typically these presentations take about 120 days or 4 months for you to receive and are a beautiful keepsake!

Wondering if it really works? Our Marketing director at Mazzone Hospitality had her centerpieces made from freeze dried roses in 1995 and they are still beautiful and going strong!

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