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Mark your calendars for our next live chat- Planning in a Pinch.

On Monday, April 23rd from 6:30-7:30pm join us on Aisle Files as our two experts, Event Planner Kevin Sykes and Planner and Owner of CW Special Events Firm, Christine Wheat discuss what you need to know to plan your wedding on short notice.  Whether it’s six months or six weeks, our experts will help you with everything you may need be it a venue, a dress, or invitations.

Let us help you alleviate some stress, join us and get all your questions answered!! Can’t make it to the chat?  Submit your questions in our comment box and we will be sure to answer them.  Don’t forget, the live chat stays on Aisle Files for you to read after it happens to see an answer again, or in case you missed anything!

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