Fun Find: Home for the Honeymoon

As wedding season approaches, many brides and grooms out there are heading to the stores (or the internet) to complete their registries! A while back we had done a post on registering for your honeymoon, but I stumbled across something even more interesting, registering for a house!

Registering for a home, much like a honeymoon, may seem like asking for money, but registering for a home is special in that, while contributing to your down payment, friends and family are also contributing to home improvement projects and memories of your new family.

How Home for the Honeymoon works is that the registry site and the couple set up their own paypal account that funds are deposited into.  Then they can create a wedding website to give their guests updates on their home search, share photos when they find one they love, etc.   Plus it’s all done online, so you don’t even have to leave your house to shop! The downside is, you also don’t have to leave your house to play with the fun scanner gun at the store either.

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