Go Green: Carbon Calculator

You may be reading these go green tips and thinking it would be easy to make some small changes to your wedding that will drastically reduce your carbon footprint- but how beneficial is it really?

The average U.S. citizen has a carbon footprint of 27 tons of CO2 per year.  Using this great carbon calculator we calculated that if your wedding has 150 guests, half of which are flying more than 500 miles to get there and the other half are driving more than 50 miles to get there, your wedding (one day) has a carbon footprint of 22.2 tons of CO2!  That’s like adding another person’s yearly consumption in just one day.

If you take into account that there are, on average, 1.15 million weddings in the United States alone in one year, that’s 25.53 million tons of CO2 in a year just from weddings!  Now imagine if every bride took one small step to lowering the carbon footprint of her wedding, what a difference that would make.

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