The Honeymooners

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We all love vacations! Honeymoons are extra special, but ever wonder who came up with this great idea?

Unfortunately, the great idea doesn’t have the greatest history.   The word itself is actually derived from the Norse word “hjunottsmanathr” which literally means to kidnap. (Apparently kidnapping was all the rage-remember this?!)

Back in the day a groom would actually abduct his bride from a neighboring village and would then have to go into hiding with her to avoid being found by his bride’s family.  It’s not the beaches and sun we’re used to!

Another origin of the honeymoon comes European history.  It was customary to supply the bride and groom with a months’ worth of honey wine (mead) which was to be consumed by the married couple, one glass per day.  It was said that the mead would increase the libido and boost the fertility of the couple-thus was a symbol of good luck.

Today honeymoons are a little more relaxed.  Usually a tropical or exotic location that couples may only visit once and provides some nice together time for the newlyweds.   Personally, I think the beach is the way to go. 🙂

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