Fun Find!!

While perusing through a new stack of bridal magazines last night (a favorite hobby of mine!) I came across the amazing XShot Camera Extender.  It was listed as one of the best ideas of 2009….and I agree!  As I look back on our mini-moon photos there are a  lot of just me, a ton of my DH and a million of our smushed faces together as we attempted to take a picture of ourselves at dinner, on the mountain, horseback riding, etc.  This product is a truly awesome find and a must have for any honeymooner or traveler!

It attaches to digital cameras and video cameras, extends to 3 feet and then folds down to 9 inches so you can carry it anywhere!  Fabulous!


So instead of this ridiculous photo of us before our day on the trails (ridiculous not only because of our proximity to the lens: note the goofy helmets and silly faces!)…


…I could have a full frame shot with the stables and beautiful foliage in the background!  Check out the photos on the XShot website to see what a dfference it makes.

BONUS-no need to ask strangers to take your picture!

A quick search on Google has them listed between $18-25 online-a great deal to ensure the perfect shot!  Enjoy!

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