Tips: How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress!

Hey there Aisle Filers!  I came across some fabulous tips while reading one of my favorite celebrities blog. Lauren Conrad, everyone’s favorite, has a fabulous wedding blog (which I recommend checking out). One of her recent blogs was “How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress” and I just had to share!

Don’t knock it ’til you try it

Some girls have had a vision of their wedding dress since they could remember. But when it comes to actually try on that dream dress, you’ll be surprised it’s not the perfect fit you’d thought it would be. You may find the dress you thought you would never picture yourself in, is the dress you end up getting. When it comes to dress shopping, be open minded, try everything on! Don’t judge a dress on the hanger!

Find the kindest cut for your figure

Before the dress shopping begins, make sure to know what works well for your body shape. What looks good on a curvy shape, may not work for a straight shape.

Bring a trusted advisor

Its tempting to bring all of your “besties” to your dress appointment, but it may not be the best idea. Limit your gang to two or three others who can keep the judgment easy and clear. You’ll want to bring those who has the same taste, will tell you the truth and will keep dress shopping stress-free!

Photo Credit: Angela's Bridal

Photo Credit: Angela’s Bridal

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