Tips: New Ways to Announce your Engagement

Happy Tuesday Aisle Filers! This past weekend I read a great article in the 518 Life Magazine! Kristi Barlette asks Wedding Planner, Katie O’Malley and Christine Wheat for some engagement tips!

Katie O’Malley tell us how to avoid making the engagement announcement, “cliché”. We know your excited and want to tell the world, but instead of posting the common Facebook picture of the ring, follow her tips!

Have the announcement in person. This may take some planning on the grooms part! The groom can invite all of your close family and friends to be apart of the special night.

Make sure someone takes a picture of you two. Spice it up by holding a sign that says “The Future Mrs.”. This way you’ll have a cute photo to frame.

If you really want people to know, put an engagement notice in the news paper. This is also another memory that can be framed and saved forever!

Best of luck to all of the couples soon to be engaged!


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