Bridal Tips: Wedding Flowers

We haven’t posted one of Bigler’s Bridal Tips in awhile, so it must be wedding season!  During the busy season, Dave Bigler, of Bigler Productions still finds time to interview some of the best professionals in the area to give tips to all of you “stressed out” couples out there about how to plan your perfect wedding day!

This week we received his video interview with Evan Euripidou, from Anthology Design Studio about selecting your flowers for your wedding.  Whether you are a bride who can envision everything about your wedding, right down to the look of your place cards, or a bride who feels so lost in the process of planning and where to start, hopefully this video will give you some insight on how and when to start selecting your bridal party’s bouquets, centerpieces, or the overall decor for your big day!

Follow this link to view Dave and Evan’s discussion!




All Photos Courtesy of: Anthology Design Studio

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