Bridal Tip: Entertainment

The three most important elements for a wedding reception is, food, venue, and entertainment. Every bride and groom hopes the night of their wedding is not only unforgettable for them, but for their guests as well!

Today’s focus will be on entertainment. Whether you choose a band or a DJ, you want the guests to enjoy the music, so they dance the night away!

For those soon to be married couples, consider this awesome tip! On your RSVP’s put a line for a requested song. This way you know what your guests want to hear and they’ll get excited when their song comes on!

Choosing entertainment is something that takes a lot of thought. Everyone wants to make sure they choose that one entertainer that keeps their guests on the dance floor!!

Aisle Filers who have already chosen entertainment, this question is for you! Which did you choose, a band or DJ, and why?!

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One Response to “Bridal Tip: Entertainment

  • Entertainment can be some of the most important part of any wedding.

    I’ve been able to attend hundreds & this post is spot on

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