Fun Finds: Customized Table Numbers

Table numbers…every wedding has them!  Why don’t you try to make your table numbers different & fun for your guests during your reception?!

Some fun ideas to discuss with your fiance could be gathering pictures of each other at each age and posting them for your table number display.  This task could be extremely entertaining to dig through old photo albums with each other’s family and to share old memories!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest


Want to make sure every guest will be able to sign your guest book?  You could make individual guest books for each table and have the guests at the each table sign and give advice for each anniversary to come!  Don’t peek ahead of time, that will just ruin the surprise and excitement for the both of you!



Personalize your table numbers even further!  Customize the table number to represent something special to you and your new spouse, like the number of the month you two met, the date you two shared your first kiss, or the day of the month that he proposed!


Photo Credit: Bridal Guide


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Table numbers may be the most simplest part of your wedding reception, but this could be a great time to bond with family members while reminiscing old memories and creating new ones!


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