Traditions: Hand Fasting

Hand Fasting is an ancient European tradition that many couples are incorporating into their wedding ceremonies.  Fun Fact: this traditional ceremony is where the phrase “tying the knot” actually comes from!

In a traditional handfasting ceremony, the ceremony would symbolize a joining together for “a year and a day” (almost like an engagement period) or a “lifetime” and sometimes took the place of a wedding entirely.  In modern times, some couples are introducing the idea hand fasting in place of a unity candle or a sand ceremony or because it is a throwback to one of the couple’s heritage (mainly Celtic, Scottish, or English).

In a more modern take on the hand ceremony, couples will cross their arms and clasp hands, which in essence will make an infinity symbol with their arms.  Their hands are then tied together with a series of cords (you can use ribbon, twine, theme it to your wedding colors)  to symbolize their bond to each other for the rest of their lives, usually right after the vows.  Hand fasting is a great idea to incorporate because it’s all encompassing, and doesn’t discriminate!

hand fasting

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