Real Wedding Spotlight: Megan & Nicholas

Megan and Nicholas were married at The Canfield Casino on October 15th, 2010.

Tracey Buyce of Tracey Buyce Photography shared some great images from out on the grounds.

A Champagne Greeting Station is a staple for weddings here at Mazzone Management Group.

The girl’s bouquets were done by Price Chopper Florists, they were beautiful!

DJ Paul Malo kept the dance floor full, I love this shot from their first dance, it’s so full of emotion.

Gold Chivari Chairs look wonderful in the ballroom at The Canfield Casino.

Congratulations Megan & Nicholas!

3 Responses to “Real Wedding Spotlight: Megan & Nicholas

  • The roof of the reception hall must be a photographers dream – it’s absolutely stunning. Great shot. – Cas.

  • Sarah F
    8 years ago

    Gorgeous shots! I’m interested how many people attended this wedding? I’m considering Canfield but worried about the amount of people I have. This is the only photo I have found that looks like it has the same number of people that I will be having but it’s hard to tell. I’d appreciate a response!!

  • This wedding was for 225 people, hope this helps in your search for a venue! If you have questions about the Canfield Casino, please feel free to contact our Event Planner, Kevin Sykes at (518) 583-3003!

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