Fun Find: Inspiration Boards

Have you ever noticed that when you try to search for an inspiration board on Google, you only like bits and pieces of each? I was having this problem this past week and then I found this really cool application on The Knot! The Knot is free to join and has some great resources, this being one of them!  It’s a build your own inspiration board.  Choose your template, choose from a ton of stock photos or upload your own, choose your color scheme, and publish!  It’s that easy.  To play around and try it out, click here.

Check out this Green Board I made (I love playing around with these things!)

2 Responses to “Fun Find: Inspiration Boards

  • Sarah Rynearson
    7 years ago

    These are awesome. I am totally stealing some ideas for using color in my wedding. Can you do an orange one too?

  • You can do pretty much every color you can think of! It’s awesome!

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