Fun Find: Honeymoon Registries

Have you ever looked at a bridal registry and wondered why people registered for certain items?  For instance, how often are you really going to use a $28.00 ceramic creamer shaped like a cow?

Here’s a new idea that is gaining popularity: Honeymoon Registries.  Instead of registering for things, couples are registering for honeymoons!  This was started in the late 1990s, mostly by travel agencies.  With the explosion of the internet, this has grown tremendously.  There are many sites dedicated to this, the most widely used being,, and

The idea of registering for a honeymoon is that instead of registering for a blender, for example, you register for dinner for two at a restaurant at your resort.  You can also register for things like airline miles, nights in a hotel, bottles of champagne, etc.  The couple simply chooses from a pre-made registry or creates their own.  Most of these sites offer a variety of things including blogs and photos to visualize the gift for your guests and downloadable and printable gift cards for them to give to the bride and groom to show them what the gift is.

There are usually no flat fees to use these services however sometimes there are service fees on items that are services or activities, usually 5-9%.

The debate about these types of registries has a lot to do with etiquette.  Some people feel like this is the couple asking for money.  I see it as not much different than a traditional registry; a bride and groom are still registering for things they will need and/or want.   According to the Emily Post Institute, “A honeymoon is a perfectly appropriate gift to request.  There is no objection to it from an etiquette standpoint.” And if anyone knows etiquette, it’s the people at Emily Post.  The only drawback I can see is not getting to use the fun scanner gun in the stores!  So register away and happy honeymooning!

5 Responses to “Fun Find: Honeymoon Registries

  • schilson
    10 years ago

    I am fond of that little ceramic cow. I know what will be on my Christmas list! Awesome find Emily!

  • another great site is we’ve had a great experience so far – really easy to use and great customer service. best part for us is that it feels like a regular registry so it’s simple for guests. i highly recommend it!

  • Thank so much for sharing that with us!

  • Another option for anyone looking – – you can do honeymoons and anything else. And it looks good, not like a lot of other database-like registries you see online. Hope that helps any brides-to-be!

  • My husband and I were married @ the HOS back in March and we used Honeymoon Wishes. Loved it and our guests had fun with it too. Another great registry tool is the Amazon Registry – you can essentially register for ANYTHING from any website with a single click.

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