Hot Trend: Wedding Man Caves

The two words wedding and man cave, may seem like they don’t belong in the same sentance, but they are the newest trend for this years wedding season.  Also known as the “Groom Room”, man caves can be anything, as long as they are seperated from the reception.  This creates a place for the groom and his guy friends to hang out and enjoy parts of the wedding too.  Now we’re not suggesting that your groom run off and leave you alone all night, but it’s his big day too, why not make him feel special?

Keeping it personal is a great way to have a man cave mean something more than a just a group of guys being guys.  Maybe your groom is into stogies- hire a cigar roller and have a “signature cigar” for the men to enjoy while the ladies enjoy signature cocktails. Add jars of matchbooks with your names and the date to make it more personal.

Keep it fun for your guy by incorporating his favorite things, whether that’s an air hockey or foosball table, pool, darts, a TV playing the game (which you’ll find in the men’s room at Glen Sanders Mansion), poker tables, or even a video gaming system, the important thing is that it’s something he loves to do.

Is your guy a beer fan?  Why not tie in your location by having a microbrew tasting in the man cave from a local brewery.  Place some mixed nuts in oversized containers on the bar to give them some snacks as well.   Consider having the caterer pass some light hors d’oeurves just in the man cave like mini pizzas or boneless wings.

And of course, a man cave must be comfy.  Adding some sleek lounge furniture is one way to ensure the boys can kick back and relax.

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