Tips: Do I Need to Carry a Purse on my Wedding Day?


So you’ve finally found that perfect wedding dress, now it’s time to consider your accessories!
One question you may ask yourself is, do I need to carry a purse on my wedding day? The answer is no! You don’t want to have to worry about lugging around a handbag on your wedding night! Focus on accessorizing with that perfect sash, necklace or those perfect pair of shoes!


Odds are you won’t be driving the night of your wedding, so you won’t need your car keys,… Read more »

Real Wedding Spotlight: Meredith & Jeffrey


After a long week, we’re looking forward to sharing such an amazing wedding this FRIDAY for all of our Aisle File readers!  We’ll be putting the spotlight this week on such a tremendous couple, Meredith and Jeffrey! They were fantastic in every way possible, and it was such a pleasure to be apart of their wedding on August 16th, 2014 onsite at Meredith’s parents home located in Ballston Spa. They day couldn’t have went any smoother and we have several vendors… Read more »

The Tuxedo vs. The Suit


ZZ Top said it well when they sang, “Every girl’s crazy ‘bout a sharp-dressed man.” With fancy suits hitting the bridal scene full force, tuxedos certainly aren’t the only option on the board for grooms to choose from these days. If you and your groom haven’t discussed whether you’ll be doing wedding tuxedos or wedding suits, you’re in for a treat! We’ll break down for you today the difference between the two, answering three main questions that have most likely popped… Read more »

Tips: Wedding Planning Stress? There’s an App for That!


Many brides today are tech savvy and looking to their smartphones on helping out with the entire wedding planning process.  Wedding planning apps have been increasingly becoming more popular in all app stores, making a bride’s life easier and less stressful.  However, where the problem lies, what app is actually useful AND worth the money?!
I have researched into this a little more myself, and I have found a free app that many brides have given top reviews!  The app is… Read more »