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Hot Trend: Groomsmen Attire

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Today’s blog is dedicated to the guys! One of the biggest elements of a wedding is the bridal gown. Here on Aisle Files we have posted many articles about wedding dress trends, trunk shows, fashion shows, etc. However, we can’t forget about the men! All spouses want to see their significant other looking dapper on their wedding day. With that said, here are some handsome ideas for Groomsmen attire!

Simple Spring & Summer Time Chic
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Rustic… Read more »

Are you ready for some football?


Superbowl  XLVIII is right around the corner! Over the past few years, our couples have featured their favorite NFL team in details relating to their wedding. If you are a NFL fanatic here are some really cool ways to show your team spirit!
Save The Dates:
Feature game day tickets as you’re save the dates! “Tickets” will feature a photograph of you & your fiance dressed in your favorite NFL jerseys. Your wedding date can creatively be incorporated as the game… Read more »

Fashion Finds: Unique Ideas for Grooms

Traditionally when it comes to weddings and fashion, it’s all about the dress, or the color scheme, and not a lot of thought goes into the guys, they will wear tuxes.  there are so many ways you can personalize the groom’s and his guys attire.  One break from tradition that has become popular in the past few years is guys in suits as opposed to tuxes.  This is such a sleek look and can be more veristile in colors.  Check… Read more »

Dressed to Impress at Tuxego

I hate to say it but sometimes our grooms get overlooked.  Of course they are an integral part of the day (you do need someone to meet you at the end of that aisle), but often details pertaining to them are pushed off until the last minute as we work on seemingly more important things like food, music, photography, our fabulous gown, shuttles for guests, the list goes on and on.
I spent an enjoyable afternoon last week with my now… Read more »