Wedding at the Saratoga Race Course – June 2015

What does a couple do when they want to incorporate their love of horses and the historic city of Saratoga Springs into their wedding? They get married at the Saratoga Race Course! Mr and Mrs. Andrew Thompson picked one of the most beautiful locations in the Capital Region to get married at and Mazzone Hospitality was lucky enough to be there providing the food and drinks.
Mazzone Hospitality is already known for throwing the most fabulous and memorable weddings at the Hall of Springs, Saratoga National, Canfield Casino, and… Read more »

Tips: How Do I Ask for an All Adult Reception?


To invite children or not to invite children that is the question… 
The subtle way… 
Addressing the wedding invitation to adults only is the simplest way of indicating that children are not invited. You can further cement this by including the names or number of those invited on the RSVP card.
The problem with the subtle way is just that – it’s subtle. The risk is that some guests may assume that parents and children are a package deal. This can lead to drama… Read more »

Tips: Wedding Program Fans

Gowns and suits are not ideal for those hot and humid days. Here’s a two-in-one wedding tip for all brides to help keep your guest informed and COOL!
Photo Credit: The Crafty Missue on Etsy,, Pintrest
Fan Programs are a great way to spice up your ceremony.
You can design and create your fan in any shape and theme!

Photo Credit: the Knot, Pintrest
For all of you crafty brides, make this a DIY project!
Paddle Fans:

80lb or heavier card-stock (BUY BULK!)
Scissors or… Read more »