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Fun Find: A Notebook Themed Proposal

What’s even more romantic than the movie The Notebook? 

A Notebook-themed marriage proposal! 


An Italian man named Angelo Piccini popped the question in an epic way when he recreated a famous scene from Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams’ classic love story The Notebook to his now fiance Chiara GrimaldiWith the help of a team of romance planners, Piccini rented out a lake in London’s Alexandra Palace and took his future wife on a rowboat ride, just as Noah and Allie do. He added special touches like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, surprise cocktails, and an acoustic guitar player, before nodding to the film with hundreds of paper origami swans floating on the water to represent the birds in the movie.

As Piccini continued to row, an unsuspecting Grimaldi began to spot her friends and loved ones, who had been hiding in the foliage surrounding the lake for the big moment. They revealed themselves, holding signs reading, “You are the one. Chiara, will you marry me?”

Check out the this great proposal as it was all caught on tape!

Tips: New Ways to Announce your Engagement

Happy Tuesday Aisle Filers! This past weekend I read a great article in the 518 Life Magazine! Kristi Barlette asks Wedding Planner, Katie O’Malley and Christine Wheat for some engagement tips!

Katie O’Malley tell us how to avoid making the engagement announcement, “cliché”. We know your excited and want to tell the world, but instead of posting the common Facebook picture of the ring, follow her tips!

Have the announcement in person. This may take some planning on the grooms part! The groom can invite all of your close family and friends to be apart of the special night.

Make sure someone takes a picture of you two. Spice it up by holding a sign that says “The Future Mrs.”. This way you’ll have a cute photo to frame.

If you really want people to know, put an engagement notice in the news paper. This is also another memory that can be framed and saved forever!

Best of luck to all of the couples soon to be engaged!


Hot Trend: Photographing Your Proposal

 We are so thrilled for the ever-sparkly Katie O’Malley of Katie O’ Weddings and Events who recently got a little more sparkly (and can’t wait for her big day!)! Her Fiance Nathan planned a whole surprise day for their proposal and got their good friend, and expert photographer JP Elario in on it to make sure every emotion was captured for them to relive.  Check out their story on Katie’s Blog and JP’s!

This is a trend that we are starting to see more and more of in the industry.   I caught up with JP Elario who has shot four proposals to get his take on this, as he says “it’s such an amazing moment to capture, you can’t even describe it.”

The tricky part of all of this can be setting it up.   You need a groom with a good amount of stealth (see Nate’s perspective on Katie’s blog, for he excels in the stealth category!)  There are two ways to do this according to JP, complete stealth mode, where the girl has no idea there’s a photographer there and the setup, where there is some other premise for the photographer.   All four proposals JP shot have been the latter, either needing business shots, or saying they won a mini-session, etc.   This is a great idea because the girl knows she’ll be in front of a camera, so her hair is done, her makeup is done, and she’s wearing a cute outfit!    JP has had a great way of making hte magic happen in these shoots, he and the grom always agree on a code word, or phrase, that signals its time to pop the question.  For Nate, they agreed on “ok, i finally found the right lens”  as JP had been making sure he was 1000% ready (and not nervous, though from his blog post, you know he was!)

click to enlarge image

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Capturing your proposal can be a really great idea for a couple of reasons, it’s always nice to be able to relive that moment.   But you can also use it in many different ways, to announce your engagement, to make your engagement “facebook official” even to use for save the dates!   JP also says that if you capture the images without your fiance’s knowledge, you can surprise them with a book or a canvas print of that moment (we LOVE this idea!)    Either way, as he puts it, these images are a great way to “start your story” from and continue with engagement photos, wedding photos, maternity shots, newborns and family sessions!

Want to make sure you nail it?  Take these tips from JP fellas!

1. Get her bling ready- treat your girl to a manicure. Once you ask, she’s going to be flashing her hand all over! Make sure it’s perfect for the bling shot!  (if you don’t know what a bling shot it, see below, and then just look at JPs blog, he’s a master of them!)

click to enlarge image

2. Pick a meaningful location.  Whether it’s the first spot you kissed, the moment you knew you wanted to marry her, or the place you met, pick something that’s pretty and that means something.

3. Lose the box! There’s nothing quite as obvious as a ring box protruding from your pocket.   Keep it safe but out of sight to be sure she doesn’t catch on!

Fun Find: Bridal Bootcamp

One of our awesome Key Hall at Proctors bride’s Julie guest blogged about fitness a weeks ago and how important it is to your wedding, in light of that we have found a great “bridal bootcamp” for you to check out locally and get in great shape!

Resultz Fitness in Menands is a great facility for those who want an all round workout or who find gyms intimidating.   James Ringey is the owner and the trainer at Resultz and offers sessions every day of the week (excepting Sundays), 2-3 times a day to try to fit in everyone’s schedule.  The great thing about Resultz is that it is something different every single day.   There’s also access to zumba, zumba toning, and many other fun fitness classes throughout the day as well, plus a full gym.  Classes at Resultz have an average of 5-10 participants and it’s more like a family, lots of personal attention and above all, great friends, and it works!

Check it out and you won’t be disappointed!

resultz bridal bootcamp

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