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Contests: Married 40 Years or More!


Who doesn’t love a good love story…?  Do you have a couple in your life that has been married for 40 years…or more? Celebrate their love and share their amazing story with the Capital Region!
Tracey Buyce is continuing her “Married 40 Years or More” contest in 2015.  All details for this contest and photo shoot can be found with this link…Married 40 Years or More Contest!
Please do us all a favor, and nominate those couples in mind.  We would all… Read more »

Wedding Photo Ops!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:
One of the key elements of any wedding is the photography! It is the long standing, traditional way to ensure that you have a hard copy of all of the wonderful moments that took place on your special day. Here are some fun, personal, and creative ideas to help enhance the photos taken at your wedding!
Before we get started with all of our wedding photo fun, it is important to note that, even though it is nice to… Read more »

Hot Trend: Unplugged Ceremonies


What if you attended your next wedding ceremony and you needed to hand in your smartphone, or were forced to turn off your phone completely at the door…? Would you experience minor anxiety?!  What will you do without that picture of the bride walking down the aisle with her father..or better yet, what will you do without that perfect view you have to snap the couples first kiss?!   I know that in today’s world, most people might feel a little separation anxiety… Read more »

Bigler Tip: Night Photography

In this video Photographer Dave Bigler talks about how night photography can really spice up your wedding photos. This video also includes a behind the scenes look at a recent night shoot that Dave did with a local model DeAnna Leckonby. You can see the photos from this video at: Dress provided by Angela’s Bridal ( Hair and Makeup provided by Alayne Curtiss and Make Me Fabulous (