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Real Wedding Spotlight: Swati & Michael

Swati and Michael celebrated their special day at The Hall of Springs on August 25th, 2012.  They had both a traditional Indian ceremony as well as a Christian ceremony in the ballroom of the Hall, it was a beautiful day and a wonderful transformation.  Check out all of the color between the clothing, the decor and the flowers!

The decor for the entire reception by Anthology Design Studio was beautiful.  There was so much color, life, and energy!  Clark + Walker… Read more »

Ethnic Wedding Series: The Persian Sofreh Aghd

Continuing with our Ethnic Wedding Series, this topic is one that we have started to see more and more of.  It is Persian Weddings and the Sofreh Aghd.   Aghd has many different meanings in Iran, but it mostly commonly means the legal ceremony of an Iranian Wedding.  The Sofreh Ahgd is usually present during a Persian Ceremony, and is taken very seriously because it contains what is believed and hoped to be in the couple’s life and marriage.   Typically set… Read more »

Real Wedding Spotlight: Jessica & Dan

Jessica and Dan were married on Sunday, July 18th 2010 at The Hall of Springs.

They had a beautiful ceremony on the portico….

Rob Spring captured some great shots all night long, here’s a  few fun ones out on the grounds:

Here are some great details from inside the Hall with Central Market Florist providing all of the personal flowers (bouts and bouquets) and The Orchid Place in Ithaca providing all of the centerpieces:

I love the paper crane details throughout!

Mitch Fraiser had the… Read more »

Ethnic Wedding Series: Sand Ceremonies

Sand Ceremonies are getting more and more popular and replacing the unity candle ceremony ever since Trista and Ryan had a send ceremony on the ABC hit reality show The Bachelorette!
The origins of the sand ceremony are unclear, but legend has it that couples invented it themselves, most likely in Hawaii.   At a certain point in the ceremony, they would stop to scoop up sand from the beach they were married on into a container.
Today, a sand ceremony has many… Read more »