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Traditions: The History of The White Wedding Dress

The history of the white wedding dress is one that has many versions of it, yet, they almost all are rooted in Queen Victoria.

In the 18th century and earlier weddings were about political alliances and the transfer of wealth as opposed to romance like they are today.  In that time, one of the most blatant ways that people could signify wealth was in textiles and the garments worn by members of society.  The richer the fabric, the more… Read more »

Fun Find: Bridesmaids Glasses!

What a cute a fun thing to do for your bridesmaids! I love these glasses that were found on Pinterest.

What a great way to give a gift to your girl’s when you ask them to be your bridesmaid! Then bring them all together for a fun bachelorette party or bridal shower!  Have to have them? Get them here.